» find your way to be creative «


One of my most important goals for 2016 was to start CreativePianoLounge.com. I am planning this project for such a long time but have never found the time to finish.

CreativePianoLounge is a real personal way to share the songs I am playing on the piano. When I lost the most important person in my life, playing the piano was one way that helped me so much.

At that time I started playing a lot and realized after many years of frustration that the way I learned the piano as a student was not the right one for me. I will never forget the day when I crushed all my sheets and started listening to the music with my heart. This was a real game changer and from that day on I am now playing exclusively by ear and only the songs of the mood I am currently in. It's a complete different style of playing with emotions, passion and a lot of feelings!

Due to lack of time it's only possible for me to play selected songs on YouTube. I will share my own arrangements that touch me emotionally and will play them in my style. I also enjoy to accompany vocals, so there will be some collaborations as well. Please be patient until I have recorded more songs on my baby grand. In the meantime plug in your headphones and start enjoying my small preview. Hope you like it!

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